Lilith Coin, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and a PreSale.

What is Lilith Coin A Token aiming at the development of VR (Virtual Reality) technology and the profitability for the users by combining VR with virtual currency. With the hope that Virtual Reality Technology market will grow rapidly, this project started to become a bridge between VR and Virtual Currency. In the future we will… Continue reading Lilith Coin, Cryptocurrency, Virtual Reality, and a PreSale.


3rd Airdrop, Enishi coin.

Enishi coin is an erc20/erc223 token Token name : Enishi Coin Symbol : XENS Contract address : 0xdad399dfb1807be814af92950702a6eecb156759 Third round #airdrop has started !! Its available for 1,000 people, first come first serve. You can earn 3000-8000 XENS (you get 8000 if you do retweet) Registration link : Airdrop Registration Click Here ! Fill… Continue reading 3rd Airdrop, Enishi coin.

Enishi Coin Airdrop

TOKEN INFO Platform Ethereum ERC20/ERC223 Token Name EnishiCoin Symbol XENS Contract 0xdad399dfb1807be814af92950702a6eecb156759 Decimals 8 Total Supply 10,000,000,000 XENS Enishi Coin 2nd #Airdrop will be held for only 1,500 people by lottery! You can earn from 3,000 XENS per person. You can earn up to 8,000 XENS if you retweet. Registration: October 16 (Tuesday) 22: 00… Continue reading Enishi Coin Airdrop

Nizigen (2D Coin) Airdrop

We are taking place one huge #airdrop as the celebration of our pre-sale! This time we #giveaway 10K 2D coin to EVERYONE who follow and retweet our #twitter. ① Join discord : ② Follow official NIZIGEN COIN Twitter Retweet this ③ Post your TwitterID+ETH address on #address (in discord server) The detail… Continue reading Nizigen (2D Coin) Airdrop